1. How can i create account to receive payments?

• Click on this link "www.vswipe365.com/Account/Register.aspx" "www.vswipe365.com/Account/Register.aspx"
• Fill in your basic details like Name, Email, Photo, Username and Password
• Your account created, now you can login through your username and password

2. My username or password does not work! What do i do?

• Click on this link "www.vswipe365.com/Account/ForgotPassword.aspx" "www.vswipe365.com/Account/ForgotPassword.aspx"
• Enter you registered email to get password reset link. Change your password there

3. What are domestic and international rates?

• Under $50k per month 7.9%
• Over $50k per month 6.5%
• Over 100k per month 5.5%

4. How can i setup my bank details to receive payment?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Profile”, In Bank Accounts tab you can change & save your bank details

5. How your customers can use payment link?

• You can simply add this link Pay Now       on your website and your customers can use Pay Now link on your website for payment
• Customers can also pay visiting our website, by clicking "Pay Client" link.
• Customers can either use their client's email id or payment code to make payment.
• Client can send payment link via Text/Email to their customers on their Phone/Email

6. How can client get paid?

Below payment methods would be used to get paid:
Check: Check: Get paid amount through our bank check facility and it is completely free, get paid by check in full, or in partial amounts. You decide.
Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer: Get Paid through our Bank transfer payment option. You can get paid with Authorize bank account. You can get your money immediately next business day in your bank account with charge of $20. You can receive your full amount immediately, or in partial payments.

7. How payment shows in billing?

• Our billing is totally discreet for your customers , ishopper.co would be billing descriptor.

8. In case of any technical issue with website, what to do?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Support”
• Fill form with email(on which you want to receive reply), related screen shot and message
• Our technical team will contact you to resolve your problem

9. How can i track my past payments?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Transaction History”, here you can see all your past transactions

10. What is email or payment code?

• Email is your unique email id registered with website
• Payment code is a unique code generated by the system to secure your payment
• Using email or payment code your customer can pay you

11. How can i get invoice?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Transaction History”, that will list out all your transaction
• With every transaction you have found “Print” button, click on that will generate payment receipt
• There is also option to export your transaction history in excel/csv that you can do by clicking “Export” button on top right

12. Where can i change my personal details?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Profile”. Your personal details are under “Contact Information” tab

13. Where can i change my password?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Profile”. Your personal details are under “Manage Password” tab

14. How can i communicate my customers to do payment?

• Login with your credential (username and password)
• Click on left side menu “Customer Manual” and download PDF document
• You have to share your payment code and customer manual document

15. How can i pay as customer?

• To pay, you don't need any registration. Only you will have to contact your client
• You would get your client's email id or payment code and instructions from your client
• Follow instructions to do successful payment
• In case of transactions with value of more than $2000, You have to Split that transaction in more than one.

16. What happened in case i lost payment code?

• In such case, you will have to contact your client

17. What happened in case of any error occurs during transaction?

• Check your credit card account, is amount deducted or not
• In such case, you will have to contact your client with transaction history

18. How can i get my past transaction receipt as customer?

• In this case, you have to contact your client with your transaction id and the client will send your past transaction details to your email

19. How can i have my past transaction receipts?

• Click on this link " www.vswipe365.com/Contact.aspx" " www.vswipe365.com/Contact.aspx"
• Fill contact info (Name ,Email, Phone number and Message)
• Our support/sales team contact you

20. Chargebacks

• 100% Full Refund Policy if you are having customers complain please give full refund before they do a chargeback If your business is getting a lot of chargeback it will result in cancelling of your processing account. If you have funds that are owed. Funds will be release after chargeback time frame along with any funds in your reserve account as well too.

21. How does the dispute process work?

• Vswipe365 receives a notification of the disputed charge. We automatically send you an email with details. Additionally, we send a charge dispute created to email you signed up with
• We will deduct the disputed amount and fee from your account the day after a dispute is received. If you win a dispute, we will deposit the amount back into your account the next day
• In some cases, a disputed amount is not deducted immediately because the cardholder's bank has not initiated movement of funds. These "pre-chargebacks" differ from immediate chargebacks, and can be refunded
• Vswipe365 will send any evidence you submit to the credit card's bank. That company will then make a decision about whether or not to resolve the dispute in your favor. The disputed amount is refunded to your bank account if the dispute is resolved in your favor
• If you choose to respond to the dispute, we will submit any information you can provide to your customer's credit card company and keep you posted afterwards

22. What does the dispute status mean? How can i tell when it changes?

• When a dispute first comes in then its status is needs_response. When you update the dispute with evidence, we submit that evidence on your behalf, and the status changes to under_review. Within 5 to 7 business days, the dispute's status would change to won or lost depending on whether the dispute is resolved in your favor or the cardholder's favor When the dispute is resolved, we'll email you and also send a charge dispute closed event. In the meantime, you can always visit the disputed charge's page in your dashboard for the dispute's status or view all your disputes

23. I want to just give the customer a refund instead. Can i do that?

• Unfortunately, once a dispute has arrived, there's no way for you to refund the charge. Your customer has already gotten the amount of the dispute back from their bank, so if you agree with the decision to refund, you don't need to take any action and your customer will keep their funds However, as mentioned above, some disputes are not full chargebacks, and can be refunded. Look at the dispute in the Dashboard to see if you can refund it. If you successfully refund a charge before the dispute escalates into a full chargeback, the dispute will be closed with status charge_refunded.To process refund requests we would require Refund request raise within five business days of transaction happen and you should have available amount in your account to cover it.

24. My customer said the dispute was a mistake. How do i get the dispute reversed?

• If you've talked to your customer and they've agreed to drop the dispute, there are a couple next steps. First, have your customer call their bank and let them know. This is critical since the bank won't know your customer has dropped it unless your customer tells them Secondly, even though the customer has already agreed to withdraw the dispute through their bank, you must still submit evidence for the dispute. Your evidence should indicate to the bank that your customer wishes to drop the dispute, and must include any email evidence you have where the customer may say that. If your customer had specific complaints that led to the dispute, be sure to address those in the evidence. Failing to provide evidence even though the customer agreed to drop the dispute could still result in you losing the dispute Once you've done those two things, we need to wait for the bank to let us know that the dispute has been closed in your favor. As soon as they do that, we will return the full amount of the charge and the associated $15.00 fee to you. Do note that this process can take quite a while—it's not unusual for us to not hear from the bank for 60-70 days after the dispute. As soon as we know that the dispute is closed in your favor we will send you an email

25. Is there a fee for disputes?

• Yes, you incur fee is $15.00, when there is a dispute on one of your transactions. If the dispute is resolved in your favor, however we refund the fee

26. How can i prevent disputes?

Disputed charges are an unfortunate fact of doing business, but you can do a few broad things to reduce your risk:
• Some chargebacks are the result of credit card fraud. You can learn more about spotting and preventing fraudulent transactions
• Use a recognizable name for your card statement text. Have clear return and refund policies and make them easy to find on your website
• Communicate accurate delivery times and keep customers updated throughout the process. If possible, use online tracking and delivery confirmation
• Post customer service contact information prominently and respond to customer inquiries quickly

27. How much of both parties information is visible to either side?

• Our priority is to provide privacy to our customer's data. We are following a strict privacy policy.
• Both parties (client and customer) personal information is not visible to each other. Customers don't have an account with us. You would see in your transaction is Name, Payment Date, Country/State, Amount and Transaction ID.
• On customer end when they pay all billing is totally discreet.
• Customer's credit card information isn't stored or saved on our site or server.

28. What encryption is used for transactions?

• We are committed to protect our user's informations and transactions from any fraud. We provide more secure and reliable payment solutions for our users.
• With Vswipe365, our users can be confident that their data is secure. We are using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technique for transactions.

29. What encryption is used for vswipe account access?

• We are using 256-bit COMODO Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technique which protects our site with 2048 bit signatures.

30. Are transaction disputes available through the vswipe site?

• For transaction disputes client can send their enquiries to our support email (support@vswipe365.com).(support@vswipe365.com).
• For refund, client can request to us but it will be cleared at the bank end.

31. How to integrate vswipe365 "Pay Now" button on eCommerce website?

• To use vswipe365.com payment platform for your eCommerce website you need to add this html code Pay Now       on your shopping website and your customers can use vswipe365 "Pay Now" button for payment.
• Your Web Master have to pass one querystring parameter as "subtotal" to Pay Now link. The "subtotal" is sum of total checkout amount.

32. Transactions Limits and Rules.

• All transactions over $2000 will be decline automatically, For example a customer wants to pay $3000, Split the transactions into 2 payments. In case any customer's transaction is declining and they say they have funds available. Please make sure their using billing address and zip code matches on file with their bank account.

33. What do I do If I don’t receive my weekly transfer?

• Please contact us at sales@vswipe365.com, support@vswipe365.com for any payout inquiries. We will respond within 24 hours.

34. Can I still receive wire transfers if I change my banking information?

• Yes. You Can . After Login -> Profile -> Bank Accounts -> Edit

35. What if I don’t ship or provide a customer with a product or services?

• Your payment will not be received. Not providing customers with their product or service will result in your account being disabled.

36. If I shutdown my business, will I still get paid?

• Yes.You will be paid based on the scheduled terms of your agreement.

37. Why block a IP Address?

• Fraudulent transactions or multiple declined transaction attempts can result in the bank blocking an IP Address. This is done for your protection.

38. How long have you been in business?

• VSwipe 365 has been in business for over a year. Our management team has more than seven years in the high-risk processing and adult entertainment industry.

39. What is the best way to contact you for any issues?

• Please use the contact form on our site or feel free to email us at sales@vswipe365.com, support@vswipe365.com

40. Are both electronic and physical delivery merchants accepted?

• Yes. Many merchants will provide either electronic or physical delivery of their product or services.

41. Does my website need to be hosted in the United States?

• No. Your website can be hosted anywhere in the world.

42. Where is your Customer Service located?

• Our customer service department is located in the United States. All communication will be routed to this location.

43. What is a Rolling Reserve?

• A rolling reserve is a set amount of money, typically 5-10% of your sales volume that is held back to protect merchants and banks from potential losses due to chargebacks and refunds. You will receive payouts for your rolling reserve 6 months later.

44. What Currencies Can I Accept?

• Our banking partners support most currencies including USD, Euros, GBP, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Canadian and Australian dollar. And many more...

45. Can I link multiple websites to my merchant account?

• Only if your websites are within the same industry and are approved. If this is the case, you can link as many sites as you like.

46. What is an International Merchant Account?

• An international merchant account is created with a bank merchant outside of your residing country.

47. Do I have to sell to only North American consumers?

• No. If you want to sell worldwide, you can with Vswipe365.

48. Can I get a merchant account if I live outside North America?

• Yes.

49. Are there any monthly processing volume caps?

• There are no volume caps.

50. Authorization and Settlement, what is the difference?

• An authorization is when a consumer’s issuing bank approves a transaction request. If a credit card or bank has insufficient funds, the issuing bank will decline the transaction. There could be other reasons why a transaction could be declined as well.
• A settlement is when pending approved funds are transferred successfully from a credit card or bank. You will receive payout based on your agreed payout plan.

51. Is currency payout converted to the currency of my residing country?

• No. All payments will be paid out in USD regardless of your residing country. In most cases, this will benefit you more times than not except for a few countries.